Women who ride have more sex?

Women who ride have more sex
A new study reveals that women who ride have more sex, have a greater desire and are less likely to develop sexual dysfunction

A new study, however, reveals how a specific sport can increase sexual desire in the female gender: specifically, it has been shown that women who pedal high intensity have more sex, submit to the erotic encounter with more frequency and experience less health risks, such as sexual dysfunction.

The study was conducted by the University of California and examined 3,118 women who pedal high and low intensity, and others who do not practice this sport. Through a questionnaire, scientists have discovered that the intensity of pedaling is associated with a better sexual function: this leads to the belief that cycling can improve female sexual health. On one condition, though.

There are in fact negative implications from high-intensity cycling. Doing this physical activity at a sustained and steady pace poses health risks associated with potential infections of the urinary tract and sores on the skin, due to the saddle, which can inhibit the activity between the sheets. At least in women, since recently it has been denied that cycling can affect men’s urinary health.

Therefore, further studies will be needed to better understand what the health risks of athletes who ride a lot are, although the benefits already seem clear enough.