Vaccines, M5s stop obligation and vaccine exams

Vaccines, M5s stop obligation and vaccine exams

Vaccines, M5s stop obligation and prevaccinal examinations: Davide Barillari and Roberta Lombardi and the free vax proposal. A bill has been filed to go and revise the system.

We could not fail to expose ourselves to the issue of vaccines even the most famous scientific popularizer of our country, Piero Angela. The man has heavily attacked the no-vax even if it is not unbalanced on the law proposed by the Five Star Movement. The scholar has specified, as re-enacted by Il Giornale, that: “Do not trust science is really an unintelligent thing.” The vaccines have saved millions of people still survive.When there were no vaccines, there were the dead “. The thought has also reiterated to Corriere della Sera where he specified: “When I was a child if a comrade arrived at the hospital with diphtheria certainly died, there was no possibility of treatment.I have many memories of friends died of diseases of the Gender protection, that is to arrive at really high percentages of vaccination, is really fundamental “. (by Matteo Fantozzi)

We talked about the new proposal of the 5 Stars Movement on vaccines also at Coffee Break this morning on La7. He was a guest to talk about his impressions of the Minister of Health Giulia Grillo, who belongs to the pentastellati. This explained: “The M5S and the Lega have always criticized the Lorenzin decree and we have never hidden it, above all because of the way it happened.We passed from a calm situation to an incredible alarm with the measles epidemic of only one disease and ten mandatory vaccines were introduced.The decree was very aggressive at the beginning and then was filed.We want to introduce a system based on the medical-citizen alliance, not a whiff if you do not. they are useful and serve to prevent terrible diseases with disabling consequences or even death.We want to take on this role that we believe the approach can be right “. Then he explained how if there is an epidemic it will be right to be drastic even coming to the recommendation. These are words that try to put a little ‘clarity in a chaos of things very difficult to be able to rearrange. Click here for the video. (by Matteo Fantozzi)

Davide Barillari and Roberta Lombardi of M5S are the first signatories of a written law proposal with the collaboration of some members of the free-vax associations. The content of the law is to abolish the obligation of vaccines. The law proposes preventive nutrition to strengthen the immune system, reorganization of the vaccination centers and ad hoc training of medical personnel, a personalized plan for vaccinations with pre-vaccination and post-inoculation screening, the obligation for the doctor to draw up a detailed medical history of the whole family before proceeding – and to inform parents about possible adverse reactions of the serum and to obtain compensation for any vaccine damage – a quarantine for children immunized before re-entry to school and purchase of monocomponent format vaccines (Agg. Paolo Vites)

The proposal for the review of the vaccination system in the Lazio region, signed by the exponents of the 5 Star Movement, Davide Barillari and Roberta Lombardi, is making discuss and according to some it would be a strong turn towards a sort of “free vax” system that would respond to some of the solicitations always advanced by the so-called associations that advocate “free choice”. In fact, in an article published today on the L’Espresso website, it is noted that, in the aforementioned legislative proposal, article 11 even provides for a “quarantine” from four to six weeks for “children vaccinated with attenuated virus” to avoid contagions even if, as is known, this thing has long been misled to fake news. Not only that: the text also speaks of a series of preventive analyzes that would be mandatory: however, already in the past the ISS (Health Institute) had called useless for this we ask in the article why it must be a doctor to give the clearance for vaccination within 48 hours preceding it. In short, a bureaucratic process that would be complex and would discourage parents even more, together with a passage that will not fail to generate discussions and which explains that “the procedure can be interrupted at any time”. Last but not least, the author also remembers the passage in which it says that “The school does not enter into the merits of the formation of classes based on vaccination certificates”, with the strange consequence that those who got vaccinated could end up in quarantine and who instead he did it could be regularly admitted to school. (by R. G. Flore)

The system of vaccines has certainly raised more than one controversy in recent years, others will move the bill of the 5 Star Movement. This has in fact deposited a popost for the review of the vaccination system of the Lazio Region. The first signing is by the directors Davide Barillari and Roberta Lombardi. The proposal in question is “free vax” because in fact it would like to stop the vaccination obligation with prevaccinal analysis and a quarantine period from 4 to 6 weeks for children who have been vaccinated. In the proposed law there is also a chapter that is dedicated to “preventive nutrition” and also provides personalized prophylaxis with single-dose vaccines. The choice will lead to pronounce all those who have sided the other side, arguing that vaccines were essential to avoid being exposed to health risks.

Davide Barillari then expressed his opinion on the law proposed by the 5 Stars Movement on vaccines. As reported by Giornalettismo, he underlined: “Immediately after the presentation, the proposed reform of the vaccine system will be included in the Rousseau platform, in order to receive further suggestions and opinions.We are increasingly convinced that a new governance model is also implemented with the full and conscious involvement of citizens in political choices “. In the meantime, the first reactions have already arrived, mainly linked to the pre-vaccination tests and why we should do them and then choose whether or not to do a vaccine. In addition, many have pointed out that it is not correct to think of putting a child vaccinated in quarantine, something that for some would not really do anything.

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