How to remove Genital Warts – Prevent Them From Coming Back

How to remove Genital Warts – Prevent Them From Coming Back

What do Genital Warts look like?

Genital warts are caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases and Learn How to remove genital warts by Naturally at Home.

Genital warts or condyloma are lesions that arise as a result of unprotected intercourse or sexual contact with a human papilloma virus (HPV) carrier.

How to remove Genital Warts
How to remove Genital Warts

Considering the high number of people who have the virus in Brazil and consequently can present condylomas, it is normal that this is one of the most common and contagious STDs in the country.

The symptomatology is in the form of small lesions elevated in the genital area (penis, glans, urethra, buttocks, anus or vagina). They are painless and can be flat or have a “cauliflower” or “Gallant Crest” shape.

They develop in the vulva, vagina, anus (or around them) as well as may appear in the cervix, penis, scrotal sac, groin or thighs. They appear weeks or months after infection (as they may never appear) and are detected by a visual examination of the doctor.

Genital warts transmission pathways and ways

They are spread mainly by genital contact of skin to skin. In most cases it has no symptoms so people do not know they are infected but can transmit the virus to a sexual partner.

How to Prevent Genital Warts

The use of condoms helps prevent genital warts, but they are not 100%.

There are two vaccines against HPV that prevent the development of warts caused by serotypes 6 and 11. It is applied in three doses and has great effectiveness, avoiding infections (does not cure the disease).

Treatment of genital warts – How to remove genital warts

The treatment of genital warts by HPV is based on the elimination of the same once the virus is found in them. Visible warts are eliminated in several ways:

Medications that the patient can even apply

1 – Application of 5% podophyllin in solution or gel.

The person himself applies this medication twice a day for three days, resting for four days. The treatment is repeated for up to 4 cycles (or less if the warts disappear).

2 – Imiquimod 5% (cream).

It is a cream that is applied once a day before bed, three times a week and over a period of 16 weeks. It is necessary to wash the treated area 6-10 hours after application.

Treatments performed by the doctor

How to remove genital warts by the doctor

1 – Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen.

2 – 80-90% trichloroacetic acid or bichloroacetic acid. They are acids that are applied on the warts and allowed to dry. It is done once a week until the warts are eliminated.

3 – Surgical removal.

4 – Intralesional interferon injections.

5 – Removal of warts with laser.


– The use of condoms, both male and female, helps prevent but not 100%, since they do not cover the entire genital area.

– Do not share sexual objects or accessories unless they are covered by a condom.

– Care during epilation: avoid using another person’s blades and if performed at a depilation clinic, make sure that all the material used is new and disposable.

– Vaccination against HPV: there are two vaccines against HPV marketed in Brazil and also available free of charge in the public health network: Cervariz or bivalent vaccine that prevents types 16 and 18: approved in Brazil for girls and women from 9 years and Gardasil or quadrivalent vaccine that prevents against types 6,11,16 and 18: approved in Brazil for girls and women from 9 to 45 years and for boys and men from 9 to 26 years.

Do not self diagnose. Visit link below for more detailed information How to remove Genital Warts and treatment.