Not bad news: in the winter you burn more calories!

Not bad news: in the winter you burn more calories!

Although winter is the season in which you arrive sooner, it is also the period in which you burn the most calories. And that is due to the cold. Thermolegging, sweater and sport shoes out of the closet, so!

When temperatures drop and it looks gray outside, you probably prefer a large cup of tea under a blanket on the couch. Yet you benefit from just moving in the open air – brrr. Because your sports session is a lot more effective in the cold.

Work harder
Research from the University of Albany in New York shows that people who walk in temperatures around freezing (say about -5 degrees) burn more calories. And it involves large quantities: 34 percent extra if you make a trip with -5 instead of 10 degrees in the plus. This is because your body has to work harder to keep itself warm when it is cold. As long as the outside feels pleasant, your body uses less energy to stay on temperature.

Weight loss in women
The same team of scientists has discovered that a large proportion of the women who walk around the freezing point lose weight and at the same time build up muscle mass. According to Cara Ocobock, co-author of the study and oncologist, this does not happen in men. That is because they are less well-armed against the cold. Women have on average more body fat that can be used as fuel for sports.

Moment of the day
All this of course does not mean that you can halve the time of your work-out or move less often. But you can see it as a good reason to go out a bit more often, especially when it gets colder. And if you go at that time, you burn more calories. Win win!


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