How to Increase Your Penis : Tips and Exercises to Do at Home

How to Increase Your Penis: Tips and Exercises to Do at Home

When sexual life does not go well reflexes appear in all other areas of life, meaning things start to go back to work, in relationship with girlfriend or wife and even in family life. And this can happen for several reasons, which may be sexual impotence, lack of libido or embarrassment regarding the size of the penis, which is the subject of our article today. So let’s talk next of some How to Increase Your Penis, and if they really work.

Exercises to Increase Penis Size How to Increase Your Penis: Tips and Exercises to Do at Home

If done daily some simple exercises can make you gain a few inches in the penis, and thereby improve your sex life and make you feel more secure. But the first thing that should be clear is that these exercises will only work if you do them every day, and for a considerable period of time, that is, you need to be persistent.

With these exercises it is possible to increase both the length of the penis and its circumference. However, you should take some precautions before starting them, such as not exaggerating the exercises and respecting the limits of your body and always use a good lubricant cream to avoid injuries to the skin of the penis. In addition, these exercises should be done with the flaccid penis and the results appear over time.

Exercise to Increase Penis # 1 – Heating

Exercise Heating You should start your daily exercise routine to increase penis size naturally with this procedure. It is not an exercise but rather a warm-up to increase blood circulation and make the skin more elastic.

Wet a towel in warm water, drain excess water and wrap around the penis for about a minute. Repeat two or three more times and then dry the penis thoroughly.

The second thing is to apply a good lubricating cream or preferably a good stimulating cream such as the ProSolution Gel to avoid the friction that can hurt the skin, causing even pain, avoiding any injury, and allow for easier and smoother heating. In addition, this cream (ProSolution Gel) also helps the growth itself. It is a very important exercise that should not be skipped because it aims to prevent penile injuries with the exercises that follow.

Exercise to Increase Penis # 2 – Penis Stretch

Exercising StretchingThis exercise aims to make the penis longer, longer and is one of the most important you can do. If you really want to increase penis this is a technique that everyone assures infallible. It can be done sitting or standing and the penis has to be flaccid or very slightly erect.

If it is erect it is useless because the hardness of the cavernous fields would prevent any stretching.

With your hand tightly closed, grasp the penis firmly until it feels pressure (but no pain), and then slide your hand firmly into the large one. Do it slowly, for 5 – 10 seconds until you reach the glans. Then stop at this position for a few seconds while holding the penis as tight as possible without causing pain.

Now without releasing this hand repeat the exercise again with the other hand, stretching it from the base to the glans again. Repeat this exercise several times alternating hands – while one hand holds the penis stretched by the glans the other stretches it from the base. Imagine you are pulling a rope and making identical movements.

Do this for at least 10 times, allowing rest periods for him to recover. The goal is to start with sections of 10 times and increase every week until reaching 50 times. Each week you should increase the number of times you repeat the exercise and also increase the time of each exercise to a maximum of 30 minutes.

Exercise to Increase Penis # 3 – Lateral stretch of the penis.

Lateral stretching exercise This exercise should be done in conjunction with the previous one, and then stretching the penis to the base. It aims to exercise and lengthen the muscles of the base of the penis and thereby lengthen (lengthen) the penis.

With your hand to firmly hold the glans, stretch it to the side … you should feel the elongation at the base of the opposite side. Hold this force for 10 – 15 seconds. Now do it in the opposite direction.

This exercise should be done 5 times in each direction: to the left side, to the right side, up and down, completing a total of 20 times. After completing the four sets do it one more time by pulling it forward and turning it slightly in a circle so as to encompass the base muscles all the way around.

Do not lengthen the penis too much. Take the time to achieve your goals. The rush only leads you to suffer unwanted injuries.

Exercise to Increase Penis # 4 – Jelq, to increase the thickness

The purpose of this exercise is to fill the spongy tissues with blood in order to increase the blood’s tension within the penis and to increase the size of the sponge bodies and newly created cells with the stretching method. Jelqing aims to increase the cavernous fields so that they can contain more blood when the penis is erect. It pushes the blood into the penis, holding it there, and then forces even more blood into it, making this pressure increase the size of spongy bodies and how to increase size of pennis naturally and longer.

Please note that this exercise cannot be done with the flaccid penis nor completely erect. It has to be erect between 60% and 70% but NOT to 100%. If the penis is flaccid or completely erect this exercise will have no effect, it has to be in a little more than half erect. Lubricant should be used as indicated on the heating.

The principle is pretty much identical to previous penis enhancement exercises but here the goal is to push the blood through the penis instead of stretching it, itself. Grab the base of the penis with your index finger and thumb to make a ring and the palm of the hand facing forward. Tighten the ring as far as possible without pain, and then squeeze the penis slowly, sliding the fingers firmly from the base to the head.

Exercise to increase the penis this makes the blood contained in the penis half erect pressure in all directions less to bring back, which will force the cavernous cavities and fill up with blood. When one hand reaches the front, the other must be ready to repeat the operation again.

For those who start doing this exercise to increase the penis for the first time it is advised a maximum time of only 5 minutes, which should be gradually increased to 20 minutes during the space of six weeks.

Remember that the penis should be about 70% erect. If you start to feel a bigger erection or feel like ejaculating, stop this exercise until it calms down. Like all exercises, this should be tailored to your needs. Only you can determine what pressure you should exert to get results without side effects.

After completing a section of Jelq the penis may appear red and swollen for half an hour or more, which is normal. Other side effects may also be observed, such as a temporal swelling and red spots on the glans, which indicate the rupture of small blood vessels. This is not alarm signals as it is an effect of exercise intensity. However if the signs are many the prudence can advise to stop for a few days, so that the negative effects disappear and start again.

Exercise to Increase Penis # 5 – Exercising the Muscle PC

PC Muscle Exercising your pubococcygeal muscle, usually called the PC muscle is also important because although it does not properly increase your penis allows it strengthens it and greatly improves your sexual performance. It also helps you to control ejaculation, that is, to take more time in bed and to massage the prostate, which is also very impotent.

But first you must “find” that muscle. Is not difficult. All you need to do is the next time you urinate interrupting it – do you feel the force that needs to be done on a muscle that lies between the anus and the testicles? Well, that’s the PC muscle.

And the best of these exercises is that they can be done anywhere, anytime, even in public without anyone noticing. To exercise it all you need to do is contract it and then let it unwind. As simple as that. It is an exercise that can be done when watching television, while waiting for transportation or anything else, when lying down to sleep and even at work.

PC Muscle Do this in groups of 50 times, several times a day. It is advised to do 10×50 times throughout the day, ie 500 times a day. You do not have to follow this number judiciously (some days you can do and others less) but try to do it every day.

In the first few times the temptation is to contract other muscles together, usually the thighs and abdomen. To check if you are contracting the pubococcygeus muscle correctly place two fingers between the anus and the testicles and you will feel the muscle contracting under your fingers. Once you learn to contract it without contracting other muscles you will no longer need to insert your fingers and will be able to do it anytime, anywhere.


These are the most common exercises, and also the most effective ones, that exist to increase penis size. Forget the complicated exercises and difficult to apply, because in these things simplicity is sometimes the best answer – these are simple and efficient, period.

These exercises How to Increase Your Penis should be done every day without fail, but do not take too long (just over an hour). However, they always require a long period of time to take effect (several months) and should be done regularly (preferably twice a day) for efficient and permanent results.

It takes perseverance and persistence to do them daily for a few months, but you can reduce the time and improve your efficiency by using certain pills to enlarge the penis while doing the exercises.