How to increase Pennis size natural way 7 tips to increase your size

How to increase Pennis size natural way 7 tips to increase your size

7 Tips to Increase Your Penis Naturally

In this article you will know 7 amazing tips How to increase Pennis size natural way Penis enlargement is a common goal for men, even those with a penis volume considered to be large, think it is always good to gain a few inches. The truth is that most women, even not admitting, take into consideration the size of the partner’s penis.

In this way it is very important that you have a penis that attracts the attention of the woman already in the preliminaries. To achieve this goal now accompany the fantastic way for you to achieve penis enlargement.

Even contrary to some experts, it is already proven that there is a formula for you to increase your penis. Within the procedure for penis enlargement is the practice of some exercises to strengthen the penile muscles and still the magic pass that are the natural products.

The first step for those who have the interest of following the practice of exercises for penis enlargement is patience. It is necessary to practice these exercises for a few months to obtain satisfactory results for the coveted penis enlargement.

It is important to emphasize that in the process of increasing penis, persistence and repetition are crucial for positive results. It is therefore necessary to delimit a technique (the one you consider the most efficient) to practice it faithfully.

It is not recommended to use several techniques at the same time, in order to achieve penis enlargement more quickly. If you do this the result instead of happening more quickly will walk more slowly.

Since to get the penis enlargement, one must strengthen and increase the muscles of the organ body cavernosa and for that to happen the ideal is to always exercise the same muscle with the same techniques and sequences.

How to increase Pennis size natural way

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 Increase Penis Size # 1: Start Calmly

Know that everything starts off calmly, so increasing penis is no different. Choose at first for simpler exercises and with less force, so the penis will not react contrary to the exercises, nor will you risk injury.

How to Increase Penis Size # 2: Give the Time Needed for Your Penis

Each man has a time for penis enlargement to happen. You should know the optimal time that your penis needs to have a positive result.

Do not force the penis enlargement exercises in any way. Safety and health are crucial in exercise techniques. The tip is to let the penis recover between a series of exercises and another, since these techniques place a very great strain on the penis.

How to Increase Penis # 3: Invest in Preliminaries

To start the exercises it is recommended to wet a towel with hot water, wipe the excess water and wrap the penis with it. Do this action about two or three times, after this thoroughly dry the penis.

How to Increase Penis Size # 4: Use a proper penis gel

Use Vrigil Enlarge XXL Gel to avoid friction and skin irritation. The Creme Enlarge XXL Gel will make the process easier and faster, generating much more satisfactory results in the penis enlargement.

The Enlarge XXL Gel is an external use cream for penis enlargement. It has rapid absorption and immediate results, it is a natural male enhancement product that will significantly dilate blood vessels by stimulating the blood to increase in the penis.

It is an extremely effective product because its result is seen in both length and thickness of the penis. The tip is to use the Enlarge XXL Gel Cream from Virectil twice a day, at which time you will perform the penile massages. Do not remove the product after the massages.

The Creme Enlarge XXL Gel has ingredients selected for maximum effectiveness in the treatment of penis enlargement. It acts on the dilatation of the veins and cavernous bodies. This dilatation allows substantial increase of blood flow having an immediate visible effect. The penis will become larger and the veins will also be much more prominent.

How to Increase Penis Size # 5: Lengthening the Penis

With the Creme Enlarge XXL Gel product already applied you will start the process with the lengthening of the penis. You can choose to make this technician sitting or standing, but the penis should be flaccid or slightly erect.

With the hand closed, hold the base of the penis firmly until you get a pressure, do not promote pain, only the pressure is necessary. After this, slide your hand firmly to the end of your penis. Slowly move for 5 to 10 seconds. After this, hold and hold the penis in this position, leaving it stretched, but without pain.

Do these exercises by alternating hands, one at a time, in a calm and non-irritating way. While one hand stretches the penis across the glans, the other works to enlarge the penis, from the base to the glans.

How to Increase Penis Size # 6: Stretching the base of the penis

To achieve the increase of the base of the penis the tip is to hold the glans penis with the hand and pull, calmly, to the right side, up, down and to the left side in this sequence. Repeating the action about 20 times.

Then, still holding the glans penis, make circular motion to strengthen all the muscles of the penis.

How to Increase Penis Size # 7: Exercise to Increase Penis Thickness

This exercise should be done with the penis half erect. Neither totally flaccid nor fully erect. Hold the penis with your index finger and thumb in order to make a ring between the penis. The palm of the hand facing forward.

Now squeeze the penis without pain, from the base to the head, with straight and repetitive movements. In the beginning do this exercise for 5 minutes and over the weeks increase gradually until you reach 20 minutes.

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