How to get rid of Penile Papules – Treatment, Prevention

How to get rid of Penile Papules – Treatment, Prevention

Pearly penile papules disease as a male skin disease that occurs mainly in young male penis Coronal local, general symptoms of a regular matrix of pearl-like translucent papules, no symptoms, no health effects,  How to get rid of Penile Papules ,usually untreated but doctors recommend male friends pay more attention to prevention and care in their daily lives.

How to get rid of Penile Papules
How to get rid of Penile Papules

PPP are a type of penile structures that are present in all men, in the region around the glans. These glands are responsible for producing a lubricating liquid that facilitates penetration during intimate contact and are often invisible.

However, there are cases where these glands are more visible, looking like small balls or white spines around the head of the penis and being scientifically called pearly papules.

See other causes can cause the appearance of balls or How to get rid of Penile Papules on the penis.

Treatment for Pearly Penile Papules

In most cases, the Pearly Penile Papules do not need any kind of treatment because they are benign and do not cause health problems. However, in some men, they can cause a big change in the image of the penis, which ends up making their relationships difficult. In such cases, the urologist may recommend:

Cauterization: This technique consists of using an electric current to burn the glands and remove them from the glans. Usually, this procedure is done under local anesthesia;

Surgery: The doctor applies local anesthesia and then uses a scalpel to remove the glands. This technique can be done in the office by an experienced urologist;

Although it was easier to apply a medicine or ointment to eliminate Pearly Penile Papules, they do not yet exist. In addition, Pearly Penile Papules Removal can cause dryness of the penis, which becomes irritated and with broken skin more easily. In this way, treatment is almost always avoided and not recommended by the urologist.

How do you get pearly penile papules?

There are still several home treatment options, with acids and remedies for warts and calluses, however, they are not safe for health as they can cause severe penis irritation and should be avoided.

In any case it is always advised to consult a urologist before attempting any kind of home treatment.

Are pearly papules contagious?

The pearly papules, caused by the presence of the Pearly Penile Papules, are not contagious and, therefore, are also not considered a sexually transmitted disease.

These lesions can often be confused with genital warts caused by the HPV virus, and the only way to confirm the diagnosis is to see a urologist.

  1. Life

Male friend’s recommendation continued to actively participate in physical exercise, adequate physical exercise and outdoor activities will benefit you; adhere to the daily movement, adjustable tension of mental or neurohumoral disorders, such as running or walking for half an hour all days. Be regular life, to ensure adequate sleep, positive weight loss. Boys try to avoid bad habits, reducing entertainment, avoiding alcohol, diet, fully aware of the importance and need to give up. Maintaining a good mood optimistic long-term mental tension, anxiety, irritability, pessimism and other emotions, makes the procedure relating to cerebral cortex excitability and inhibition, is necessary to maintain a happy state of mind. Austere attention to rest, work and rest, orderly life, optimistic, positive, up attitude towards life. Replied the do regularly, to survive living there often, but the degree of fatigue, cheerful, develop good habits.

  1. Diet

Through a reasonable diet may be more intakes of some high fiber and fresh fruits and vegetables, nutritional balance, including protein essential nutrients, sugar, fat, vitamins, trace elements and dietary fiber, meat and vegetables, food species diversity, nutritional roles.

  1. Personal hygiene

Usually male friends to develop good health habits, with special attention to cleaning the glans. If you pay attention to health, then the glans appears white, all white or more white, generally superficial, smooth surface that is pearly penile papules became sick. And male friends in their daily lives to drink lots of water, so to increase the frequency of urination, can effectively prevent bacterial infection in the reproductive urethra, but also can reduce the risk of urinary tract infection.

Finally, experts point out that the long white glans male and coronal stimulation in the filth of a relationship, so that foreskin people pay more attention, it is best to do circumcision. Do not let the day shift glans, because there is white glans the possibility of malignancy. If you find that the glans occurred when the day shift, do not panic, carefully observed a few days, if no other symptoms occur, would not have mattered, if they have some other symptoms should be ready for the hospital.

Pearly penile papules disease occurs in Genital diseases male friends, How to get rid of Penile Papules male friends should pay more attention.