How to Grow Your Penis – Does Penis Enlargement Work?

How to Grow Your Penis – Does Penis Enlargement Work?

How to Grow Your Penis Naturally at Home Work?

When they are born, men gain the status quo belonging to all who are born with the penis and are characterized by the social symbols linked to masculinity and How to Grow Your Penis Naturally without surgery that Work?.

how to grow your penis
How to grow your penis at home

What does male hood mean in society? The virility.

And clearly virility is linked to penile size and, precisely because of this socialization; we charge internally a good physical performance of it.

And also, nothing more logical than they have established the logic: the bigger the size of the penis, the more masculine it will be. And reverse logic also exists.

Which man would like to be the least masculine in a society that “being a man” is synonymous with privilege? So today we will give you tips, which is unsatisfied with your position in the social male status quo because of the size of your penis.

Come discover how to increase your penis naturally.

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Learn How to Grow Your Penis Naturally


Natural pills

The process of male erection occurs because the two bodies that make up the penis fill with blood when they are stimulated and cause the natural penile increase during the moment of total ecstasy.

Since these two bodies are composed of three tubes, the two upper bodies form the cavernous body and the lower tube forms the spongy body.

Male Enhancement remedies are designed to enhance the absorption of blood by the corpus cavernosum and sponge, since the components of the natural pills activate a greater circulation of the blood flow.

Be aware when buying pills that promise penis enlargement, make sure the brand that produced it is trustworthy, look for testimonials on the internet, since those that come from anonymous sources can cause great harm to your health.

The purpose of this article is that you can increase your penis naturally, that is, not expose your body to external risks.

It is important to note that penis enlargement pills usually indicate how much the penis can grow, and that promise is probably the decisive argument for man.

It turns out that if you are a regular smoker or have cardiovascular disease, it is likely to have an effect between 1 to 1.5 cm smaller than promised.

The penile massages

This topic brings us to the forefront of the debate about the myths and truths about natural penile enlargement. Keep in mind that in addition to surgeries and pills for penile enlargement, there are no methods of penis enlargement proven by on-call students.

So why are we stimulating the use of penile massages as a method of natural penis enlargement?

Although it is an academic myth, the reality is that if you seek home help on how to achieve the perfect size of your penis or How to increase size of penis naturally, it is because you are willing to go through a process of self-knowledge and learning.

If the following methods work, it is a sign that you have achieved your goal, if they do not work, some learning you have been able to pull off.

The first method indicated is the Jelq Arabic. It was developed by the Saudi Arabs many years ago, because even at that time and in a society shaped very differently from ours, masculine virility was already a matter of status quo, a very powerful tool of individual oppression of the self-esteem of each one.

Male children were encouraged, and often forced, by their parents to practice daily the Jelq method of natural penis enlargement, which consisted in making the penis with gestures similar to the act of milking a cow’s milk. And so in English, this method of massage is also known as milking.

There are two very important stages for the successful completion of the Jelq method, which would be the heating and the designed act of milking the penis.

When heating, first massage your penis until you reach a moderate erection, where you need to control yourself to not reach the level of a bigger erection, say that 60% erect would be of good size.

If you think you can not contain your erection, jump directly to the next tip, but if your case is not this, continue with reading the Jelq method.

After the massage, surround your penis with a warm towel for 2 minutes; repeat three times (ie the first and two more). And also lubricate before starting, do not use alternative products, just neutral lubricant.

Now, ready to go? Make an OK sign with your hand, like this:

How To Increase Penis Naturally Works

Take your fingers in the same way to the base of your penis, where it begins, and squeeze in a subtle way, but press on the body so that the blood that is passing is trapped between the penis and the ring that You did it with your fingers.

Now, run your fingers up OK along the length of the body of your penis, slowly and so that the blood accompanies the ascent.

Stop when you realize that

Take your fingers in the same How to Grow Your Penis Naturally, where it begins, and squeeze in a subtle way, but press on the body so that the blood that is passing is trapped between the penis and the ring that You did it with your fingers.

Now, run your fingers up OK along the length of the body of your penis, slowly and so that the blood accompanies the ascent.

Stop when you notice that the blood content has reached the penile head. Repeat the same with the other hand. And then go back to the hand that started.

At the beginning of the Jelq practice, you are expected to perform between 250-400 milks a week. When it’s already incorporated, it’s natural that it’s more than 500 per week.

Be aware of the effects that may appear on your penis during penis enlargement massages, it is common for some red spots on the head to appear because you are bringing blood to an area that is almost unaccustomed to this intense contact.

But if you notice that excessive blemishes have appeared, you need to stop for a few days in Jelq exercises.

The jelq method is geared towards increasing penile thickness, so there is also the massage that will stimulate the enlargement of the penile body. It is recommended that it be performed before the Jelq massage.

The massage that causes penile enlargement as to its extent, is because it will cause the stretching of all areas of the penis. Consequently, it will be elongated in the same proportion.

Unlike Jelq, the penis needs to be flaccid. Now, make the same OK sign and embrace – with your fingers – the glans, just like the previous method: pressing with subtlety.

Here, the goal is not to feel pain, but to push and pull you out of your ‘penile comfort zone’.

With your fingers grasping the penile head, pull it forward until the moment you feel the base also being carried forward, this pull should take around 60 seconds. Repeat twice more. Pull this pull in all directions.

And to make the blood flow normally, tap your penis against your thigh about 40 times.

Exercise the Pubococcygeus muscle


How to Increase Your Penis Naturally


The pubococcygeus muscle is also affectionately known as the PC muscle. He is responsible for penile health and consequently his sexual performance.

By exercising it, in the way we will explain below, it will be easier to get to know your sexual partner better and to have better bed efficacy with your partner.

It is also an alternative for those who do not want to waste time with natural massages, do not want to spend money on pills for penile enlargement or even for those who want to break social paradigms. With PC muscle exercise it is possible to have good sexual performance with the small penis!

Well, the first step is to know what the PC muscle is, that magic muscle. Try a day, when going to urinate, stop the urine in the middle of the way, do not finish the act. You tried? The muscle you force to keep the urine from flowing out is the PC muscle.

Know that this method is proven to be effective, one of the truths among myths and truths about natural penis enlargement, even though it is not a growth-oriented method, but a strengthening of the surrounding muscles.

Come on, PC muscle exercise consists of contracting and relaxing the same. Only that? Yes, just that.

Practicing it 500 times a day, it is likely that within a week you notice an improvement in your sexual performance and get to know your penis better, and you can now perform the Jelq method of penis enlargement, which we explained above.

Did you like the tips on How to enlarge your peni naturally at Home? Practice with assiduity and willpower, your goal will be attained and depends only on you.


Penis enlargement exercises are excellent and meet your goal at zero cost as long as you have the time and determination to apply them consistently for at least 6 to 8 months.

Raising Penis The penis enlarger is the obvious choice for those who do not have the time or patience to get results with the exercises. Just apply for 4 to 6 hours a day and let it work … even during the day underneath a wide pants.

Penis enlargement supplements can be used on their own, but they take a long time (especially for increases over 3 centimeters). But they are excellent for potentiating the effect of exercises or a penis extender, reducing the time needed by about half and allowing a substantially larger increase, about 60/70% more (especially in the thickness).

Like everything else in life there is the easy and laborious way. It has to do with time, money and patience! Just do not let go of absurd promises, 7 or 10 centimeters in 2 or 3 months. It just does not exist (it’s just a mousetrap to your wallet). Whatever method or methods How to Grow Your Penis quickly choose to mentalise yourself that it will always be a task for 6 months or more. Follow the links on this page for more detailed information.

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