GGD IJsselland starts mannenspreekuur

GGD IJsselland starts mannenspreekuur

ZWOLLE – GGS IJsselland’s team on sexual health receives many questions about PrEP from men who have sex with men during STI consultation hours. That is why the team starts a special walk-in consultation.

It starts with a pilot of 3 consultation hours: every second Wednesday afternoon of the month, from 14.00 to 16.00 hours in Zwolle on 12 December, 9 January and 13 February.

Men who have sex with men can without appointment go to the main location of GGD IJsselland to the Seven Alletjes 1. During the consultation hour there is time for questions about PrEP, but also for a STI or HIV test and hepatitis B vaccination.

PrEP has been available for some time: a virus inhibitor that can prevent HIV infection. A good development, but the use is not entirely without risks. Medical support from the GP is necessary when using PrEP. But GPs can not or do not always want to give this guidance. If the GP wants more information about PrEP before prescribing the drug, the GP can contact the nurse of the SOApoli of GGD IJsselland at any time.


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