How do you get Genital Warts – Symptoms, Treatment, Remedies Cure?

How do you get Genital Warts – Symptoms, Treatment, Remedies Cure?

What Is Genital Wart, Symptoms, Treatment, Remedies, Has Cure?

What is genital wart?

Genital warts are signs that can arise throughout the genital organs of men and women. They are caused by some subtypes of the Human Papillomavirus, better known as HPV leaving many to wonder how do you get Genital Warts naturally can help to deter the spread of the infection in the body.

How do you get Genital Warts
How do you get Genital Warts

They are considered a relatively common Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). It is estimated that, in the United States alone, it reaches about 360,000 people per year. They can be transmitted through any kind of unprotected sexual contact, including oral sex.

Although they are easily treatable and do not generally cause more serious complications, genital warts deserve special attention precisely because they are symptoms of HPV infection. The virus, in turn, is considered one of the most common STDs in the world, reaching about 80% of the world’s sexually active population.

Among the possible complications of HPV is the development of some types of cancer, including the penis, urethra, vulva and cervix.

Symptoms of genital warts

Most people do not immediately realize that they have been infected with genital warts because it can take several months before the virus leads to an outbreak. That is why it is important to take the STD test after having unprotected sex.

The first symptoms of genital warts will be:

Chest growths on the Genital

Genital warts in women will appear on or around the vagina and lips, as well as the genital area overall, while Genital warts in men will appear on the penis, often on or under the foreskin. In appearance, they may be small or large, are usually painless and can be rough or flat. Some people report they feel itchy, but this is not the case at all. It is important to note that sometimes the warts can occur internally, which means there would be no visible symptoms of genital warts.

Prevention of genital warts

Genital warts are completely preventable and there are several methods you can follow to avoid this condition, including the following:

Condoms – this is considered the most effective method of preventing genital warts. HPV Vaccines – There are two types of HPV vaccines: Gardasil and Cervarix. However, not all forms of HPV are protected with these vaccines, so cervical analysis may also be required. Do not share sex toys – When sharing sex toys, make sure they are washed thoroughly and covered with a fresh condom.

What are the treatments for genital warts?

The method of treating genital warts is susceptible according to the severity of the infection. This includes the size, volume and texture of the warts.

Genital warts often disappear on their own, but in many cases patients seek natural treatments or medications to speed up the recovery process, and in more severe cases.

See below the possible can you get rid of genital warts natural treatments, without prescription and prescription.

How do you get Genital Warts at Home

No Prescription Treatments for Genital Warts

To treat genital warts, there are treatments that do not require medical assistance or prescription, because they use natural and safe ingredients, with little or no report of side effects.

Tea tree oil for Genital Warts

Tea tree oil for Genital Warts

Tea tree oil is a valuable treatment for many diseases. This essential oil is extracted from the branches of the tea tree and produced by steam distillation. The unusual odor is felt by many people as unpleasant. For this reason, its healing properties are all the more positive: Tea tree oil for Genital Warts is said to have an antiviral and anti-inflammatory effect, which is because the virus-induced genitalia can be treated well. Tea tree oil is applied directly to the affected areas with the help of gloves or a cotton swab.


Zinc oxide

With the help of zinc, wounds and inflamed skin areas have been treated successfully for years. Zinc oxide contains disinfectants that heal wounds, but also dehydrates so that the warts may fall. An application of two to three times a day in the affected sites proved to be a useful treatment for meningitis.


Propolis is an active substance produced by bees, which is antibacterial, antiviral and antibiotic. Propolis also contains salicylic acid in its natural form which softens the warts tissue and separates the upper cells from the skin. In the form of an ointment, it prevents the spread of viral pathogens, such as those found in genital warts. Propolis is considered to be very well tolerated and no side effects are known as a consequence of its use.


Important Treatment Information for Genital Warts

For all self-applied treatments: if there is direct contact with the warts when applying, then the hands should be thoroughly washed and disinfected, so that the warts cannot spread. Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages in the treatment of Genital warts. In the case of a definite infection of genital warts, the path to the doctor is inevitable, despite all the feeling of shame that patients may feel.

Natural Treatments for Genital Warts

For less serious cases, and patients who want to avoid visiting the doctor, or medications, there are natural ways that aid in the process of genital warts alleviation.

Apple cider vinegar for Genital Warts
Apple cider vinegar for Genital Warts

Apple cider vinegar for Genital Warts (and salt)

Apple cider vinegar helps remove viruses that cause warts to reproduce. The area of ​​skin affected by the warts should be washed, and with a cotton ball dissolved in Apple cider vinegar for Genital Warts the cotton should be placed directly on the warts. Depending on the success of therapy, treatment may be repeated until visible results are achieved. A mixture of 4 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of salt, and dissolved cotton, also proved to be effective.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant antiseptic, effective in reducing the itching caused by genital warts. This can be applied in the form of pure plant juice per cotton ball on the warts, or can be used directly as a special aloe Vera gel. Shortly after the application, the itching and burning are reduced. It may take longer until the warts are gone, as it is a mild natural product and not a highly effective prescription drug.

Prescription Treatments for Genital Warts

If treatment with home remedies or over-the-counter medicines does not show a satisfactory effect, your doctor may recommend a stronger and more effective medication. The following medications are generally used in the treatment of genital warts:

Warticon (Wartec) Aldara

They contain active substances like imiquimod, which strengthens the body’s immune system and forms the skin, or podophyllotoxin, that kills viruses.

Warticon (Wartec)

Warticon (Wartec) is a fast acting antiviral drug that contains the active ingredient podofilotoxin and is used to treat genital warts, particularly soft outer warts. Warticon cream and solution can minimize any symptoms associated with the condition with a noticeable improvement in the appearance of genital warts in just a few days.

Warticon reaches the core of the wart cells to prevent them from multiplying; These cells eventually die and are replaced by healthy cells on the surface of the skin.

Aldara is an ointment that contains the active ingredient Imiquimod. This strengthens the body’s defenses and thereby kills viruses and their pathogens indirectly. An antiviral effect is not present. Instead, Imiquimod is used for the new formation of diseased skin, for example in the case of warts. External warts on the genitals are cured with Aldara, except for the vagina and anus, where this active ingredient can not be used.

The cream should be applied three times a week and should be left on the skin overnight, then rinsed carefully. The maximum duration of treatment is 16 weeks. A great advantage is that there is a low relapse rate for venereal warts controlled by Aldara. Only less than 20% of the original urologists return after therapy. Side effects may be minor skin irritations or swelling, and long treatment time is seen by many patients as a disadvantage.

Medical Treatments

In addition to these modes of treatment, certain therapies can be performed by the doctor to combat genital warts. These include treatment with trichloroacetic acid and operative therapies.

Trichloroacetic acid

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is considered a strong acid, which should be applied in small quantities and with caution in the case of genital warts. TCA acts as a drug and relieves warts tissue layer by layer. The active ingredient also promotes the renewal of skin cells and the formation of healthy skin. As a rule, your doctor prescribes acid treatment because the risk to the skin is very high in case of incorrect application.

Small warts in the mucosal region, such as inside the vagina, are carefully covered with trichloroacetic acid with a cotton wool. This therapy is repeated once a week. A rapid cure without subsequent scars and the possibility of using acid during pregnancy are the advantages of trichloroacetic acid therapy. As a disadvantage, pain and a local burn are reported as well as the need for a visit to the doctor.

Genital warts are simple problems, but caused by a very serious virus. At the smallest sign of wounds in the genital area, seek a specialist or Learn How do you get Genital Warts and Safe 100%.