How to get a Bigger Penis Naturally

How to get a Bigger Penis – How to Make Penis Grow 2 Powerful Secret Techniques

How to Make Penis Grow 2 Powerful Secret and Tips

How to get a Bigger Penis – How to Make Penis Grow 2 Powerful Secret Tips

How to make your penis grow is the myth of many men, there is this concern that has dominated for centuries … to increase the size of your penis. Undoubtedly, every man’s dream is to know How to get a Bigger Penis or how to make him grow those centimeters that will make a big difference that regardless of their actual size.

The penis is considered to have an average diameter of 4.7 to 3.6 cm and 4.5 equivalent to 5 inches in length and 15 to 17 cm equivalent to 1.6 and 1.5 inches. This average, 48% of men has a lower degree, that is, have small penis compared to the average.

Before you know how to make penis grow bigger you should know this

The first thing to know is that all … actually all methods are at risk, including, of course, the surgical method. This risk is minimized as they follow closely the different methods and procedures do not change seek results in a short time, dangerous for penis enlargement drugs.

Although you can find several methods that ensure increase penis size, not all of them actually work. The surgical procedures promise a lot, however, it is a process that is still experimental. Therefore, it is best to look at natural solubilizations to enlarge the penis.

Some medications and natural products have little effect, since it is impossible to change the genetic substance, and the results of the penis size of the DNA information.

  1. The weights on the penis.
    Suspending a weight area of ​​the glans at birth has a very old history, as everyone knows about the African tribes who have conceived this method and still manage to develop some really great as well as functional penis.

Today, it is easy to find these weights in the trade, a flat ring and crooked entities of the glans are placed, adjusted and weights are chosen to be placed.

He should be very cautious and know various stages of assimilation as a phase of the method, not to over-tighten the ring and of course choose a light weight. The mistake made with this method is that a weight is suspended and that faster results can damage the penis.

Any extra weight though small, is already extra and make its effect. It’s small weights better and safer long than a lot of weight, but they call into question the functions of the penis.

  1. Jelqing Exercises.
    These highly effective exercises know how to make your peni bigger fast with your hands.In fact a type of stimulation for the skin is in the form of handmade movements. For the exercise to be well done should raise the temperature of the penis, using cushions, electric blankets, hot water bags …

Use a good Vaseline lubricant is recommended. You can make motions with your thumb as opposed to middle finger and index finger. It is not recommended to use your whole hand to make yourself excited.

The movement should be in a direction from the root of the penis where it began to glans without strong movements becoming painful. Routine is 10 moves and a moment of relaxation and repeat for at least 15 minutes a day.

Do you really need to thicken your penis?

Although most men are not satisfied with the size of their penis, there are very few cases where they actually have a thin or too small penis. In fact, while guys think that the bigger the better, most women prefer penises with average size and thickness, rather than excess.

Too thick and too large penis can make penetration difficult, making her uncomfortable for the woman. Better than having a big and How to get a Bigger Penis, thick penis, knows how to please your partner in bed.