You have a cold? Consume less dairy products

You have a cold? Consume less dairy products
In the case of seasonal influenza it would be necessary to limit the consumption of dairy products. Milk and derivatives do nothing but increase the phlegm and worsen the symptoms of cough and cold. Health expert Linda Page explains it to us

If it has cooled, the consumption of dairy products should be moderated. In the event of seasonal influence, you should also stay away from certain foods that would only make the situation worse.

Among these foods to keep away we find milk derivatives such as cheese, butter, cream, yogurt. Their constant consumption increases the formation of mucus, causing irritation of the respiratory tract. To support it is Linda Page, a health and wellness expert who has published the book Diets for Healthy Living

This book explains that milk not only increases phlegm, but also causes its stagnation, contributing to a longer duration of symptoms such as cough and cold. Dairy products, however, are not the only foods that should be avoided in case of catarrh and seasonal illnesses.

Experts also advise avoiding industrial confectionery and carbonated soft drinks. These foods are particularly rich in sugar and cause a weakening of the immune system as well as making digestion difficult. They are also foods rich in fats so, in addition to hurting your health, they can also harm the waistline.

The recommendation of nutritionists and the expert Linda Page, is that in case of seasonal illnesses such as coughs and colds, it is good to replace dairy products with dried fruit, almonds, walnuts and peanuts, but also raisins, dates and figs. Even the meat is to be replaced with vegetables, fruit and vegetables. They are useful both to get full of vitamins but also to limit the intake of animal fats. They hinder the body’s natural ability to eliminate the germs that cause cold and flu. Green light to juice and centrifuged vegetables to fill up with vitamin C and minerals.


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