6 Step How to get rid of Genital Warts Naturally at Home

6 Step How to get rid of Genital Warts Naturally at Home


Steps to follow: How To Cure Genital Warts Naturally

  1. Decrease risk of exposure. The most natural way to avoid genital warts is to prevent infection. Avoiding sexual contact with an infected partner is by far the most effective means of prevention.
  2. Use condom. In addition to abstinence, using condoms is the best way to prevent genital warts before they can appear. Whenever you have sex, use a condom, even if you are using another form of protection.

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  3. Watch your infection. In addition to the preventive measures, you can naturally treat a genital warts infection by doing absolutely nothing. About 30% of cases disappear on their own, so you can observe hatching before applying any type of cream at the site of exposure.
  4. Apply vinegar in the focus of the infection. While the evidence is contradictory whether vinegar can effectively treat genital warts, some people are strongly in favor of this  home remedy. Simply apply daily apple cider vinegar directly on the genital warts to treat the infection. In a few days you should know if the treatment is working.
  5. Change your diet. Another way to improve the fight against infection (and increase the effectiveness of standard treatments) is to increase the immune response of your body through your diet. Increase your intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, you should eliminate saturated fats, refined sugars, alcohol and caffeine.
  6. Consult your doctor. Since HPV itself has no cure, you should talk to your doctor about your treatment options, especially if the genital warts are causing a major malaise.

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Do not use over-the-counter wart removers on genital warts.