5 ways to Increase Penis size – How to increase penis length

5 ways to Increase Penis size – How to increase penis length

Men seek every year penile doctors to make their friend more robust and great. Although many people know that penis size is not a document, there are many men who will only be totally happy when they gain a few inches below.

Unfortunately there is no miraculous method for this to happen, nor a method that has a very considerable result. You need to be careful when deciding to use any of these methods and always seek medical follow up when you feel unsafe with your penis size. The Ultra Curious separated 5 ways to increase penis size: How to increase penis length:


1- Application of PMMA

This is for when the buddy is very thin. This procedure is extremely controversial, since several patients complained of pain after the application and had difficulties to have sex after the application.

PMMA is a liquid used for aesthetic treatment, usually used to stop wrinkles. After the procedure, the penis may show bumps and deformities.

2 – Penile exercises

If you are thinking that exercise is having sex, you are very much mistaken. Obviously we will not explain in detail how each works and we will just speak the names and if they want, research on their own. There are exercises called stretching the penis, lateral stretching and there are even exercises to increase the thickness.

Again we want to inform you that these exercises can be a bit aggressive and can even hurt your friend. Think well before you do or see a doctor.


3- Penis pump

This is one of the most classic. We have already seen in several movies, even in a caricature way where these bombs are capable of destroying the penis if you “pump” too much. Many experts say that this is not true, but if you look for some videos you will realize that the increase may indeed happen. The raise may be too small and may appear to be slightly swollen.

The pumps are usually used for anyone who has erection problems. Do not use without medical attention.

4- Surgeries

There are two surgeries that can increase the size of your penis. The first one only works with fat men or that has a fat located around the penis. You will do a liposuction in that place and from that, the penis that was hidden in the fat will appear.

The other surgery is done by breaking the suspending ligament. When you remove the ligament, a part of the penis that was inside your body, ends up coming out and thus, you have the increase of your friend. This surgery is only indicated for people who have a micro penis.


5- Stop smoking

If you stop smoking, your penis will not increase, but rather will have more power at the time of erection. The cigarette can mess up on the “H” time and your friend will not get as big as he could get.

It’s annoying, but we need to remember so that no problem occurs with anyone who is reading this story and wants to know some of these procedures. Do not attempt any of these procedures without accompanying you physician or knowledge, otherwise you may have serious problems. So, what do you think? How to increase penis length, Comment on it and share it.